Get a CDP that Meets Your Martech Needs

6 Steps to CDP RFP Success Guide + Our CDP RFP Template

Treasure Data knows that any investment deserves due diligence. This Customer Data Platform RFP Success Guide will take you through the key steps to performing a comprehensive CDP RFP process. Plus, our comprehensive RFP template will help your organization understand how a new solution will align with your processes and existing systems. The request for proposal (RFP) is one way to make sure potential vendors can meet your business goals, align with your scalability and security requirements and put you on the right path to value.

Since 2011, we’ve been responding to proposal requests for some of the most complex customer data management solutions ever required. We’ve gathered the key considerations and questions we’ve curated from hundreds of proposals to give you a comprehensive view of any CDP vendor. Our customizable RFP Template (XLS) helps you understand:

  • The CDP vendor’s financial strength, history, and potential for growth
  • Marketing and advertising technology expertise
  • Detailed capabilities and limitations for data management, identity resolution, ML-based analytics, reporting, analytics, segmentation and activation
  • Security profile and privacy program management for ongoing system and customer data protection
  • Ability to handle consumer data at scale at an enterprise level across channels, business units and geographies

Additionally, our 6 Steps to Ensure CDP RFP Success Guide (PDF) will help your team follow a comprehensive process to avoid common pitfalls and blind spots in the RFP process and to help you ensure you partner with the right vendor for your CDP use cases.

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