Strategies for a Data-Driven Shopping Season & Happy New Year

The 2020 Holiday Guide for Retail

How to Meet Consumer Demand during a Pandemic

T’was a pandemic holiday, presents galore
That folks bought online to pick up in my store
Our Santa Claus looked just a little bit weird,
With an oversized mask made to cover his beard
But his eyes twinkled still, ‘neath a plexiglass visor
And each happy child got some hand sanitizer
Despite all the strangeness, the people were shopping
The sales kept on coming with no signs of stopping
Retailers, don’t worry! Be of good cheer!
With some strategy, you’ll have a happy New Year.

Beyond the 2020 holiday shopping season, this guide will help retailers provide seamless, personalized, and customer-centered experiences year round.

Download your copy today, and learn from the Ghosts of Retail Past, Present, and Future—and how they can help you strategize in 2021.

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